Seibersdorf Academy

Technics and Industry - Unsealed Radioactive Materials

Technics and Industry - non medical use of unsealed radioactive materials


Specific training for Radiation protection officers and further persons responsible for radiation protection with respect to non-medical use of open radioactive materials; according to General Radiation Protection Regulation §80 and Annex 18, as amended by BGBl. II No. 339/2020.br>


Topics covered according to General Radiation Protection Regulation 80 Annex 18, among other topics:

  • Applications of open radioactive materials
  • Radiation exposure of persons
  • Protective measures for practices with open radioactive materials
  • Contamination and measures for decontamination
  • Collection, temporary storage and disposal of radioactive waste
  • Radiation accidents due to external contamination or due to incorporation, countermeasures, first aid
  • Quality control measures
  • Exercises: protective measures for practices with open radioactive materials, contamination monitoring, decontamination techniques, quality control

Target Group

Persons, who want to work as a Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) with unsealed radioactive materials.


Successfully passed exam of basic RPO training course.



Course Time

Course start 8:30 (each day)

The exact times will be announced in due time.


A certificate from the Seibersdorf Academy (in German and English) is issued after successfully passing the exam.



The courses for Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) and for further persons responsible for radiation protection always consists of basic training plus specific training.


In order to get accepted by authorities as an RPO, the successful completion of a secondary technical school (or higher education) or completed technical professional education (apprenticeship) is required (according to the Austrian AllgStrSchV § 80) dependent on the type of radiation sources to be used and intended practice.


According to the Austrian AllgStrSchV, § 82, RPOs and other persons responsible for radiation protection tasks need a refresher training every five years; lasting four to eight hours dependent on the type of radiation sources and professional practices.

Date Course Nr. Place of Event Price (excl. tax) Choose Course
17.01.2022 - 18.01.2022 OTE2201 Seibersdorf Academy, Seibersdorf Labor GmbH, 2444 Seibersdorf € 1.280,00 Book

All prices are exclusive VAT and include participation and - depending on the type of course, unless otherwise stated - scripts, personal dosimetry, examination fee, issue of certificates as well as lunch and refreshments. All prices are valid until 30th April 2022. A course unit equals 45 Minutes. Seibersdorf Academy reserves the right to alter the program and printing errors. In the case of changes, participants will be informed in a timely and appropriate manner.

There is no charge for cancellation provided this is received in writing at least 14 days before the event is due to start. Within 14 days of the start of the event, a cancellation charge of 20% will be incurred and from the day of the beginning of the course the participant contribution is payable in full.