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NATO Training - Radiological Incident Investigation and Exploitation (RIE) Course

NATO Training - Radiological Incident Investigation and Exploitation (RIE) Course


Provided by the Seibersdorf Laboratories – jointly with the Austrian Armed Forces CBRN Defence Centre

This 8 day live agent training is designed for CBRN specialists with detailed knowledge and skills to improve their CBRN situational awareness, investigate and exploit scenarios containing radioactive material (including illicit facilities and improvised devices), and assess and record relevant information for further analysis by experts.

In addition to background knowledge about radioactive contaminants, participants will get practical information on sampling, sample conditioning, different radiological measurement techniques as well as sample analysis and data interpretation. The whole training is based on theoretical lessons and practical training units.



  • live agent training (sealed and unsealed sources/ contamination)
  • CBRN and forensic focused site exploitation
  • realistic challenges to be solved as Team
  • enhance experience with your own instruments and PPE
  • integration of IED threats and EOD Teams
  • NATO-style concise reporting of information of interest



  • Attendees are encouraged to bring their own PPE and measurement instruments.
  • Local PPE and instrumentation is available in limited quantities.
  • NATO prerequisite Depth of Knowledge: 400


Course Contents


Performance Objective 1: CBRN Situation Awareness

Identify a radiological incident based on presence of radioactive materials and discriminate against other CBRN related incidents/scenarios to increase overall CBRN situation awareness.


  • Mock-up Scenario
  • Identification Guide or key equipment or key detection signatures
  • Background Information (intelligence, observation, general environment)


RMBS need to be determined by identifying key signatures such as visual clues – shielding devices, transport containers, instrument readings, radiation signatures, safety equipment, detection equipment, storage, means of delivery/dispersal.

Training is focused on basic equipment needed in handling radioactive materials and key signatures. Identification without further assessment has to be accomplished within 30 minutes.


Performance Objective 2: Incident investigation

Incident investigation and assessment of a radiological incident

Conditions: identical to PO 1


Performance Objective 3: Site Exploitation

Exploit the site of a radiological incident based on the presence of radioactive materials



  • Mock-up Scenario
  • Identification Guide or key equipment or key detection signatures
  • Template of RMBS Exploitation Report
  • Team Equipment (GPS, Digital Camera, Laptop, Measurement Instruments)
  • Background Information (intelligence, observation, general environment)



The exploitation process is based on Level 1 Technical Exploitation NATO Standard, CBRN Technical Exploitation (AIntP10, Annex K). Participants need to demonstrate following capabilities without external support:

  • Triage based on prior prioritization
  • Detailed documentation of technical equipment and /or radioactive signatures
  • Document & Media Exploitation (collection & documentation)

Because of potential subsequent decontamination of the site, focus is on documentation. Only very important evidence should be collected after triage. CBRN sampling is not part of the course. Final product of the exploitation process is a written RMBS Exploitation Report. All topics of the template need to be covered. Additionally, a First Look Report (1 slide/page) has to be compiled not later than 1 hour after returning from the site.

Target Group

NATO/PfP/EU defense Forces

Civil defense


Target audience are CBRN specialists, who could be responsible to exploit suspected radiological facilities or scenarios. The training is focused on CBRN MERT (Multirole Exploitation and Reconnaissance Team) Team Leaders or SIBCRA (Sampling and Identification of Biological, Chemical and Radiological Agents) Team Leaders, but is also open to other functions (Minimum Standard of Proficiency: CBRN specialist according to ATP-3.8.1 Vol. III).


(1) Rank Level: OR-5 to OF-3

(2) Language Proficiency: SLP 3322


Necessary educational background


CBRN specialists,

NATO prerequiste Depth of Knowledge: 400



Course Time

Course start 8:30 (each day)

The exact times will be announced in due time.


A certificate from the Seibersdorf Academy is issued after successfully passing the exam.



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16.04.2024 - 25.04.2024 NRE2401 Seibersdorf Academy, Seibersdorf Labor GmbH, 2444 Seibersdorf € 2.630,00 add to Cart

All prices are exclusive VAT and include participation and - depending on the type of course, unless otherwise stated - scripts, personal dosimetry, examination fee, issue of certificates as well as lunch and refreshments. All prices are valid until 30th April 2024. A course unit equals 45 Minutes. Seibersdorf Academy reserves the right to alter the program and printing errors. In the case of changes, participants will be informed in a timely and appropriate manner.

There is no charge for cancellation provided this is received in writing at least 14 days before the event is due to start. Within 14 days of the start of the event, a cancellation charge of 20% will be incurred and from the day of the beginning of the course the participant contribution is payable in full.